What about literacy?

by manyinterestingfacts

Yes, what about literacy?

At the end of the year we can conclude we have a lot of problems in our world but most of them are caused by lack of knowledge, ignorance and plain stupidity.

Will more money, more jobs, better pension plans and political changes improve the situation?

No go.

Only thing which can make a difference is change of attitude. We need more open and critical minded people and for this we have to improve literacy.

It is actually ironic to live in times when we read more then ever but 20-40 percent of people in so called developed world just can’t properly read short text like instruction coming with a bottle of dietary supplements.

literacy improve

How can we improve literacy?

We are generation of readers and writers. Just think about all those billions of SMS-s being sent every month. And then again think about the quality of these messages.

Here are few facts:

– only one of seven Americans can perform more complex literacy tasks (think about IRS related issues)

– five of six juvenile delinquents in USA are functionally illiterates

– regions in Asia and Africa with highest percent of illiteracy are regions with lowest living standards

The problem with illiteracy is understandable in developing countries. But in USA or EU? One of main reasons for this is probably the fact parents are less and less reading to their children.

Can we afford that? Will illiterates save the political and economic problems of our world?

Or can we do something and spare few minutes a day to read to our children?