Vintage postcards

by manyinterestingfacts

We are living in the age of electronics, where information travels with the speed of light. But I am sure we can still enjoy the beauty of old picture postcards. In Wikimedia I found great showcase of vintage postcards (fancy name for old postcards) by German illustrator from 19th century. His name was Oskar Herrfurth and he illustrated many legendary stories from German authors and collectors of fairy tales.

This is a series of 12 postcards about adventures of Baron Munchausen:









This is the end of first set of six cards and we continue with second set.














Baron Munchausen inspired many illustrators and recently I have seen another similar series, made by Theodor Hosemann.

Let’s get back to Oskar Herrfurth. Next series of postcards are dedicated to Grimms’ Fairy Tales. First we can enjoy in Seven Ravens:














Mary’s Child belongs to Grimms’ collection too.















Mary’s Child is one of less known fairy tales and looking at the scenes it is pretty obvious why. Next series is titled Cockaigne. Cockaigne is imaginary land of luxury and non-stop pleasure. Let’s see how Oskar Herrfurth depicted it!














And the last series of old postcards – six scenes from the Pied Piper of Hamelin.














The story about Pied Piper of Hamelin is now on the list of stories which are not appropriate for children. We can agree or disagree on this one but in my opinion Pied Piper is important part of European cultural heritage and everybody who would like to read a short summary and check it in interpretation of another great artist, just have to proceed to the post about Kate Greenaway’s illustrations.

Bye for now!