Edward Lear: Drawings

by manyinterestingfacts

Edward Lear (1812-1888) is mostly famous by his nonsense songs published in several books. Less known are his drawings, illustrations and paintings.

Let’s check his drawings of parrots, published in 1832. I selected twelve of lithographic plates of 42:

bauers-parrakeet bay-headed-parrot salmon-crested-cockatoo lesser-sulphur-crested-cockatoo leadbeaters-cockatoo baudins-cockatoo patagonian-parrakeet-maccaw long-billed-parrakeet-maccaw dwarf-parrakeet-maccaw undulated-parrakeet crimson-winged-parrakeet tabuan-parrakeet

They look convincing like photos, huh? He was really good!

It’s fair to say few more words about Edward Lear too.

1. He was the 20th of 21 children in a family and he was raised by his oldest sister (more than two decades older), who behaved as his mother most of their life, to the very end of hers.

2. Edward suffered from different health problems from his early years. He had problems with lungs and eyes. He was epileptic as well.

3. He never married and had probably homosexual preferences, but men he was interested in, didn’t return his feelings.

4. Edward Lear is most credited for popularization of limerick, trivial literary form in verse which he used in his Books of Nonsense.

5. He also illustrated Lord Alfred Tennyson’s Poems. They were close friends.

Edward Lear will always have a special place in the world of literature.