Why should you make your personal list of fables?

We live in times of questionable morality. Question of right and wrong is not an easy one anymore.

It is not important what you are able to do, it is who do you know what really counts.

It is not what do you do, it is how much do you make.

It is not what is written in the law, it is what your lawyer can use.

The list could go on and on. But humanity is not much different than hundred, thousand or ten thousand years ago.  Lying, stealing and cheating were part of everyday life then as they are now.  Humans are still driven by greed and fear and basic problems of society actually never changed.

They probably never will. We can’t avoid conflicts but we can offer some solutions or at least minimize damage. Stories with morals can be of big help in these situations. This is where fables enter.

Fables always offer morals

Fables always offer morals

Most parents know fables can be of big help when we want to teach kids some universal truth and we want to do it in attractive way (talking animals suit that purpose just fine).

From the story Peter and wolf we learn we should never lie.

From Hare and tortoise we learn we should never underestimate our opponents.

From Fox and the crow we learn we should never trust flatterers.

And so on…


Many of the morals in old fables are outdated or simply teach things which seemed right to some author one thousand years ago (never question king’s word for example) but are not right to us (or some of us). We don’t need fables to teach kids defeatism!

Need another example?

Famous fable about ant and grasshopper has very powerful moral (think about tomorrow) but it also has very cruel character (ant) which is not good role model for most of children. So when we offer this fable to a kid, we should always offer some additional explanation, maybe talk about both characters which actually both have good and bad characteristics. This would be proper usage of this great fable in my opinion.

So everybody should be careful with usage of these powerful stories with morals. There is a greatest list of fables for everybody who cares about his/her kids. Read the fables and make your own list, then dose the fables at the right time in the right situations.

Because kids are our future. We don’t want to mess our future, right?