Facts about water

Interesting facts about water

We can’t imagine life without water (before you disagree, please don’t forget beer is also for the most  part made of water) and I decided to put together a post about water facts, accompanied with some of the best photos available on-line.

All photos are of course public domain and royalty free, but I wouldn’t mind if you give me a nice credit for anything interesting you might find on this page.

Here we go with some fascinating numbers:

– more than 70 percent of Earth’s surface is covered with water,

– there is more water under the surface than on the surface,

– human body is 70 percent made of water (newborns even more),

– only 3 percent of water on our planet is drinkable (most of it we use it for washing, watering and other non-drinking related goals),

– quality standards of drinking water are falling rapidly.


Abundance of water on our planet can be deceptive

Water and health:

– we can live without food for months, but without water for only about a week,

– if we drink too much water, we can destroy the balance of electrolytes in organism and die,

– every fourth person on Earth doesn’t have daily access to clean, drinkable water,

– more than four millions of people die every year because of water related diseases,

– four out of five diseases in developing world are directly related with water,

– regular hands washing is single and most effective prevention for most of diseases.


Majority of diseases is related with water

And now for the statistics…

Longest rivers in the world

1. Nile … 6.650 km (4.130 miles) … world longest river and longest river in Africa

2. Amazon … 6.400 km (3.975 miles) … second longest river and longest river in America

3. Yangtze … 6.300 km (3.920 miles) … Asia’s longest river

4. Mississippi – Missouri … 6.275 km (3.900 miles) … longest river in USA and North America

5. Yenisei … 5.540 km (3.450 miles)

6. Yellow River … 5.465 km (3.400 miles)

7. Ob … 5.410 km (3.365 miles)

8. Parana … 4.880 km (3.030 miles)

9. Congo … 4.700 km (2.920 miles)

10. Amur … 4.450 km (2.760 miles)


Photo of Saratov bridge across Volga

And here is the photo of Volga, the longest river in Europe (3.645 km or 2.265 miles) but only the 17th in the world.

All used photos are public domain and the come from my favorite sources: Pixabay and Wikimedia. Thanks!