Valentine’s day gifts: few facts to think about

What’s all the fuss about gifts for Valentine’s Day?

1. It is expected people in USA will spend more than one hundred dollars per person on Valentine in 2014 for fourth year in a row. Although we could not imagine Valentine’s day without roses and greeting cards, the most money will go for jewelry and partying. Don’t worry, there will be still more than one billion dollars spent on cards, flowers (roses in all shades of red and pink are on the top of the list) and – surprise – candy! About one point five billion dollars for each area, if we want to go into details…

2. While we are already dealing with details, we could add gentlemen spend approximately twice as much for Valentine’s Day than ladies. Best spenders are adults from 25 to 34 years old who spend money on kids, parents, significant others, friends, colleagues and pets. How important is this holiday on emotional level tells a result of interesting survey which shows 15 percent of women send flower to themselves and more than half declared they would dump their boyfriends if they wouldn’t give them anything on Valentine’s Day.


3. Did you know more than one third of consumers buy Valentine’s Day gifts on-line? Electronic gift cards are rapidly growing in popularity. Apparently this sort of romantics has long-term consequences. Valentine’s Day is best day for selling condoms and March is best month for selling pregnancy tests. Knowing the tradition of Valentine’s comes from roman Lupercalia, a festival of health and fertility, this can’t be a surprise at all!

4. Every tenth young adult admits he or she feels depressed on Valentine’s due loneliness. About forty percent of people have at least some negative thoughts about this special holiday. Out of this fact another holiday grew up. It’s called Anti-Valentine’s Day and it is rapidly becoming as commercialized as the Valentine’s Day. Because: let’s face it – single, married, dating, whatever, we are all emotional beings after all.

5. Celebrating it or not, just like every other day we will be happier with something tasty at hand. Tasty on Valentine’s Day spells C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E. and everybody knows chocolate can have positive effect on our moods. It’s a proven fact chocolate relieve pain and less than two centuries ago even doctors prescribed chocolate to people without luck in love. But we can actually have both. A big box of candy shared with our significant others!