How much does an average wedding cost?

How much does an average wedding cost?

It really depends, but times when pairs made a commitment on the top of the hill or on the edge of the abyss (somewhere, where they were closer to the end of the earth and beginning of the sky) are definitely over. At least in the so called developed world. Global financial crisis had significant impact, so the average cost of wedding dropped after 2008, when it achieved just something over 29 thousand dollars in USA, but it is on the raise again and I am pretty sure 2014 will bring new record.

When I say average, it is obvious, price tag can be much lower and, of course much MUCH higher. Average cost in Alaska is just somewhere about 15, but in New York it can easily climb over 75 thousand bucks. And what is the most popular wedding destination? In USA Las Vegas has no competition with amazing one hundred thousand weddings in a year, following by Hawaii with ‘only’ twenty five thousand wedding ceremonies.

And what is the most expensive wedding ever? This is still marriage of son of Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum to Princess Salama. In 1981 this party they paid 44 million dollars in Dubai!

This is huge business, real industry which turns around billions and billions of dollars year after year. Last year the number was around 75 billions, if you need more accurate numbers … Do you think the smiles of the couple bellow looks a bit artificial? Now you know why:)


Seven thousand couples marry every day on average in United States only and this leads to seventeens tons of gold per year just for wedding rings!

Unfortunately this is not the only expense for couples who pay at least significant part of the wedding costs in three of four cases. There are 175 guests on average to take care of and they don’t only need food, accommodation and transport, they expect (to some extend) some kind of favors as well. Old times with parents paying for everything are definitely over.

Can we break these expenses at least a bit to see what is to be payed for?


So what is the average cost of a wedding?

Wedding dress: 1.500 (1.000 dress + 500 accessories)

Makeup + hair: 100 (50 + 50)

Entertainment: 1.300 (one man band or DJ is cheaper, live band is expensier)

Flowers: 1.500 (bouquets, decorations, centerpieces)

Gifts + favors: 700

Invitations (with save the date cards, maps, programs) + postage: 700

Jewelry (engagement ring + wedding rings): 4.000

Photography (and video): 2.500

Wedding consultant (planner): 1.300 (full service is expensier, only partial service can be much sheaper)

Limo rental: 400

Location (with additional rentals and food): 10.000


Wedding extras like gifts for flower girls, rehearsal dinners and morning-after brunches are making weddings even pricier, the same is true with more and more popular themed weddings (if certain bride for instance wants to have everything in certain tone of pink) so an average price of a wedding is probably already exceeding 30 thousand dollars.  If we know an average cost of divorce is around 20 thousand additional dollars, I can only wish to live happily ever after to all the newly weds!