Free pictures of face masks

by manyinterestingfacts

Do you need a photo of a medical mask for your blog?

Last two year were not easy at all. We all know what happened after the COVID-19 outbreak. Apart from obvious health issues with direcr and indirect consequences, we were massively striped off many basic human rights – we were locked into our homes, we were forbidden to mingle with friends and relatives, we were forced to cover our faces with masks.

It is not my intention to open a discussion about who is right and wrong. We all live in out own realities after all and this is actually one of our basic human rights as well. Yet we still need to express our opinions, just not here.

So I made this place as a one-stop for pictures, photos and drawings of face masks used in as many locations and situations as possible. All presented grqaphic material in completely free of charge, no strings attached, put in Public Domain by respected authors who shoot the photos or draw the pictures for your convenience.

This page is a work in progress. You are free to use any picture in this address. If you find it useful tell your friends about it, send them an e-mail, share it on your social profile or link it from your site or blog. Help the word spread.

Let’s go!

Face masks as an art expression

Such compositions really inspire, right? I believe the image above is a perfect example of a digital art.

With usage of simple graphic tools we can express indefinite amount of our ideas. A fight between a human and coronavirus in this case.

Maybe you didn’t know Francisco Goya’s most famous model was Maya, but here is your chance. The original was of course painted without a medical mask. For the curious one’s – the painting is known as ‘The clothed Maya’. Yes, this means there is a naked Maya too!

Images of doctors and nurses with surgical masks

Contrary to a popular belief medical masks are primarily used as a protection of patients, not doctors. If the doctor is sick, we don’t want him to spread his flue or other disease to the patient who obviously came to him with already existing problem.

Gloves are important part of protection equipment as well.

There are many types of gloves available. As you may notice, in this case a different kind of mask is used – this one still protects the patient but is much more protective for the doc too.

Coronavirus epidemy was a great opportunity to develop protective suits matching masks and gloves in classic white color.

Strictly white was never mandatory.

It’s very important to use the protective equipment properly.

Sanitizers became extremely popular during the pandemic crisis.

Whot is better than a medical mask? Many medical masks!

Can’t decide? To wear a mas or not to wear a mask should not be the question!

This nurse looks ready for action!

Can you make your own mask?

You don’t need much to make a face mask.

While a self made mask probably isn’t as safe as a tested material from experienced manufactures, it still offers a certain level of protection.

Coronavirus around the world

Fight against COVID-19 became a political issue almost as soon as a health issue. So it seems fair to provide a few photos of medical masks with painted flags.

It seems aproppriate to present the countries by alphabet. In case you didn’t recognize it – this is a flag of Austria.

This is a flag of Brazil, printed on the face mask.

Yes, this is the popular Union Jack, the flag of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The flag of United States is also called Stars and Stripes. In this case just another motif for the medical masks.

We could go on and on and we’ll probably will. But for now – that’s it!