Wagner and Ring of Nibelungs

Wagner wrote many amazing musical pieces and many of them are available on-line on really good service offering free music for educational purposes. It is called Musopen and it is available here.

Wagner’s most known work is probably series of four operas called The Ring of the Nibelung (Der Ring des Nibelungen). These epic operas are based on characters from Norse mythology and inspired many other artistic works.

The titles are:

The Rhine Gold (Das Rheingold)
The Valkyrie (Die Walkuere)
The Twilight of the Gods (Goetterdaemmerung)

Among my favorites are two books illustrated by the man, who is probably most melted with mythology among all illustrators. This is Arthur Rackham and I have chosen to copy illustrations from both books (they are in Public Domain on terms author + 70 years) available through another astonishing service called Archive.org.

So here we go with first book, where we can find the stories of Rhine Gold and Valkyrie:

These are the scenes from Rhine Gold (order is important, from the top to the bottom).

And here are the scenes from Valkyrie:

Are we ready for next one? We have two titles again. First is Siegfried:

I believe one illustration is missing. Maybe some other time?

If you are familiar with the story we can see Bruennhilde in The Valkyrie being punished and Siegfried as hher rescuer in next story. Actually this is a story of Sleeping Beauty for grown ups.

So we have only the last one to check – Twilight of the Gods:

Well, one illustration is missing from this part too. I guess we can’t have everything…